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    Abruzzo is a compendium of Mediterranean landscape. Linking north and south, the Balkans and Rome, it is a region where the dialectic between the various silhouettes of its mountains on the one hand and the sea on the other is constant. ln winter the sea reciprocates, sending the cold, wet currents of air that arrive from the east and transform into heavy, long-lasting snowfalls on the slopes of the Gran Sasso, the Majella Massiv and the Silente Velino mountain range of the Sirente-Velino mountain range. ln winter, to ski and take pleasure in the varying coastline at the same time is as wonderful as the refreshing experience that can be had in summer by turning one's eyes west and leaving behind, even if only through what one sees in that momentary gaze, the noisy strand, that stretches for 120 kilometres.

    Held within this geographical embrace are fertile hills with enriching vineyards and olive groves, plateau, mediaeval hamlets, lakes, and above all a people and its history, its manner of adapting to nature, of subiugating nature and in the end of preserving nature.

    Abruzzo is proud of its parks, of its flora and fauna and of the protected areas that extend over a third of the region's territory.

    As Europe's green- est area it recognises in this correct relationship it has established with nature a fundamental opportunity for development. The pay-off from this healthy approach to the environment is seen in the region's tradition of food. With the rediscovery of the l\/lediterranean diet, Abruzzo cuisine as leapt right to the fore with its strong flavouir and tastes emanating from the fruits of its soil and sea. All that remains is to savour Abruzzo, a region in which all seasons suited for adventurous encounters. "Abruzzo Promozione Turismo" is the regional company that DTOVVIOV T coordinates and develops tourism in Abruzzo. Through a dense ne wv $;\£2;f;lT2;l;l;E\6f;d Welcoming Centres found throughout This region On every curiosity and to be brought up to splanndar of events and opportunities which the Region of Abruzzo offers.

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