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  • Abruzo Busil Sul Tirino to Capestrano & Collepetro!

    Bussi-on-Tirino in Pescara Province is reached from the Home to-Pescara Motorway or from the National Route that goes from Popoli to L'AquiIa. Starting in the centre of Bussi, the biker proceeds to the end DBFI of a straight stretch on the PopoIi—to-L'AguiIa road, going in the direction of Popoli and coming tothe point where the road starts downhill · a big furniture store stands just opposite. A dirt road going toward Fopoii and a narrow pathway going in the direction of Valie Gemrnina both start here. The mountain biker cycies up the pathway and then along the valley, encountering onty very

    few stretches where the ground is broken up and not really manageable by bike. The climb requires fairly solid technique for the first 3.5 km from the start laltitude at the end ol this stretch is 550 ml. at which point the path widens into a carl track. At a fork in the middle of a clearing [4.5 km, altitude 640 ml which is at the top of a rocky, uphill stretch, the bik- er turns right and cycles downhill. Another winding, climl:i· ing stretch {5.7 km, altitude ir`00 ml plus 500 m on level ter· rain brings the rider to the paved road for Collepietro. This is reached at a distance 8.5 km from the setting-out point and is at an altitude of 850 m. Once here the cyclist goes to- ward the village soccer field and takes the dirt road which is seen just behind, pedalling uphill for about 1.5 km. At the end of the climb (10.5 km from the start, altitude 9lI} ml there appears a plateau set in the middle of the loveliest moun- tains in Abruzzo - Gran Sasso ahead, Mt. Velino to the left.

    the Maiella l\/lassif and Mt. ll/lorrone behind. Ar the ofateaus far end begins the long, demanding way down to Capestrano and beyond to the National Route for L'!-Xquila, which the mountain bike route joins near the fork branching off to Capo d'Acoua. At Capo d'Acqua the biker turns right iri the direction of Bussi, leaves the road and turns once again right down the dirt road which runs along beside the pure, crystal waters of the Tirino River, The cyclist con- tinues on the dirt road, passes a large fish farm for the rais- ing of freshwater trout and comes back to Bussi after a 32— km ride from start to finish. Last but not least, the freshwater


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