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    Italy Wedding Locations

    Italy offers hundreds of historic halls in every municipality, town and city that are perfect for a romantic marriage ceremony. Religious weddings can be celebrated in magnificent Protestant and Catholic churches or Jewish Synagogues where the ceremony will be held in accordance with both the proper civil and religious requirements and the marriage will be recognized in your country. In a Protestant, Catholic or Jewish wedding you can concurrently be united with both a civil and religious ceremony.

    France, England, Spain, Portugal and several other European countries, instead, have a thirty to forty day residency requirement - or more - before you can apply for permission to marry with a legal ceremony.

    There is no residency requirement to marry in Italy. This allows foreigners to tie the knot and honeymoon in any location without long bureaucratic delays. In some cases you can arrive and get married in Italy within two days.

    Your destination wedding will be planned in every detail with your own personal coordinator who will update you faithfully and regularly on the progress of your wedding plans.

    Most of the paperwork for an Italy wedding is prepared in your own country and filed prior to your arrival. Depending on citizenship you may need to complete some further paperwork. This takes half a day at most and a personal coordinator acting as an interpreter will be there to help you with any legalities.

    A civil marriage performed in Italy is legally recognized throughout the world. The certificate you are given is multi-lingual and can be issued in several different copies. All that you must do is register it in your home country, in which case the marriage laws applicable in that state, province or country will apply.

    Catholic matrimony can be celebrated as a religious blessing, where you arrive already legally married, or a priest can perform both a Catholic and a civil ceremony simultaneously.

    For couples wanting to skip the paperwork altogether there is another option: That of having a romantic symbolic ceremony with all the trimmings. A symbolic marriage ceremony follows traditional lines, but will not hold any formal religious or civil legitimacy. Having the restrictions removed allows you to get married just about anywhere except for an official civil hall or church. Many couples opt for this solution as it grants them complete freedom to celebrate both ceremony and reception in the location of their own choosing.

    We can also arrange for a civilly binding Protestant destination wedding or a religious blessing. If you opt for a civilly binding religious ceremony we will have a pastor authorized by the Italian State perform your wedding in the Italian villa, palazzo or castle that you select.

    Your Italy wedding party can be either very small or very big and can be organized it in one of many historic parks, restaurants or even famous cafés in renowned piazzas.

    European Honeymoon

    While planning your romantic Italian Wedding we can also make special travel arrangements for a custom designed European honeymoon or organize wine, culinary or cultural tours for your guests as well as many other uniquely tailored services.

    With careful planning and attention to detail your personal wedding planner will make sure to please you on this important day of your life. Our references and testimonials testify to our success in coordinating weddings in Italy.

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